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File Management: How to Make End-of-Year Filing Easier with File Bands

File Management How to Make End-of-Year Filing Easier with File Bands

File Management: How to Make End-of-Year Filing Easier with File Bands

When it comes to archiving files at the end of the year, it is necessary to have an efficient filing system in place. If you don’t have such a set-up, then it’s definitely a good idea to create one as this method would save you lots of time and money. Here are some management tips for your end-of-year filing:
Creating the System

To get started, sort all of your documents into two piles. One pile is for trash and the other is for those you intend to keep. For the files you are keeping, create categories that make it easy to retrieve what you need. Good examples of categories include receipts, statements, taxes, insurance, bills, and investments. It is highly recommended that you use labels for your categories to facilitate better recall. When you first create labels, use something temporary like a pencil or erasable pen; you can label permanently once you’ve finalized your categories.

Some useful tools for file labeling are clipper tag products. Available in different sizes, clipper tags are replaceable and reusable steel clips with labels. These make it easier to organize, find, and store files.

End-of-Year Tasks

Now that you have your files separated by categories, get some manila folders and containers for storage. Large stacks of folders can be kept together with a rubber band. However, file rubber bands work much better than regular rubber bands for this purpose; regular rubber bands break easily and have short lifespans because they dry out and oxidize quickly. File bands, meanwhile, are designed to prevent drying and oxidation, thus lasting longer. Most importantly, file rubber bands are thicker and easier to use.

When your category sections are secured with file bands, be sure to label them by year. After making sure that all entries are correct, place your files in a storage container or file box for greater physical security.

Other useful filing tips include shredding personal documents you don’t need and keeping year-end files with their corresponding text returns. If you need to get a feel of how your file organization would end up like, remember that specialist companies such as Bundlebands Industries, Inc. offer free sample kits containing file bands and clipper tags.


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