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Clipper Tags: Organize Blueprints the Easy, Time-Saving Way

Clipper Tags: Organize Blueprints the Easy, Time-Saving Way

We all know the benefits of organization in the work space. Plenty has been written about it, yet disorganization causes us to lose time and money. What about your blueprints and other rolled documents? If you have an architectural firm, municipal planning office, map office, or even if your business is selling posters, as the years go by you are bound to have a massive amount of these documents in your files. Is blueprint organization an issue?

What happens when you go to find one particular blueprint or map? Does it take longer than you’d like?

Perhaps you have an elaborate storage system with specific categories listed on the front. Perhaps you have stacks of rolled documents organized by year, with other matching files telling you what’s in each year’s pile.

What if you could find the blueprint you are looking for at a glance, with all the pertinent information written clearly in plain sight: the date, the title, the client, or any other information you need to know?

With Clipper Tags, this kind of efficient blueprint organization is exactly what you can achieve. As each blueprint, map, poster, or other rolled document is put into your storage facility, you’ll insert the Tag right into the end that will face outward. The metal clip will hold the end of the roll together neatly. And the face of the clip is where you’ll write your important identifying information.

Think of a Clipper Tag as a clip-on I.D. tag for your blueprints. It is the blueprint organizational tool you will wonder how you lived without.

Now, imagine walking into your office, with an old client on the phone. One you built a home for twenty years ago, and for some reason, they need to see their home’s blueprints. And you walk right down the aisle, to the year in question, and slide that blueprint right out of the stack in seconds!

By the way, our metal clips are reusable. If you toss a bunch of documents, don’t toss the Clipper Tags. The metal clip can quickly be refitted with a new cardboard tag, and those tags are available in two sizes for rolls large and small.

Clipper Tags are a blueprint organizational tool that is perfect for Building, Zoning, Planning, Water, Public Works and Fire Departments, as well as Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Interior Designers, Home Builders, General Contractors, Electricians more!

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