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The Importance of Staying Organized in Business and 2 New Ways to Do it!

The Importance of Staying Organized in Business and 2 New Ways to Do it!

Every business person knows that time is money. But sometimes, we simply accept less than optimal organization systems rather than going through the trouble of creating new ones. And we waste money…

According to Robert Half International on the website CareerBuilder.com, being better organized is not only more efficient, it leads to less stress. We can all relate to the mounting frustration experienced when we cannot find where we put something, because there was no logical system in place. Not to mention the wasted time. And the rising blood pressure.

Every business needs efficient systems to run efficiently. Keeping your department or company organized allows you to maximize your growth potential with ease. If you still use hard-copy documents, then putting a document storage policy in place will definitely save you time, money, and frustration. There are many high-tech organizational tools on the market, but we’d like to tell you about two low-tech ones that might make all the difference to your office organization.

Bundlebands and Clipper Tags are simple, affordable solutions to document storage and organization that may have you scratching your head and wondering, “How did I manage without them?”

Bundlebands offer a way of keeping your file folders together, eliminating clutter. When you think of this organizational tool, think rubber band on steroids, specifically designed in four sizes and colors . . . with your files (and your sanity) in mind.

Clipper Tags are the filing solution for any kind of rolled files, from blueprints and building plans to any other rolled documents. Imagine being able to see what the roll contains with a simple tag that fits securely right into the end! When your rolls are stored end out, this organizational tool will allow you to find the document you’re searching for with speed and ease.

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